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We are the only Italian providers of commercial stratospheric flights.

Leveraging the technology and platform of aerospace company Involve Space, we mount your brand's product on a probe that will break through 35,000 meters of altitude pulled by a large, zero-emission balloon.

We have launched many things into space.

From the first Italian pizza, to Cattelan's cup, to Pasta Garofalo's carbonara.
No photomontage!

Here are the most incredible launches

Have you ever seen a space Carbonara?

Pasta Garofalo, one of Italy's oldest pasta factories, wanted to honor one of the most iconic dishes: this is how we launched a carbonara at 40,000 meters!

They talked about us

“Pizza space" takes off into space: tribute to all-Italian genius and courage.”
“Now the universe knows of what "pasta" we are made of.”
“Maybe we need to get a few miles away from ourselves to really understand who we are.”
“The idea of the space launch came by transforming the idea of the discus launch into an actual discus launch.”
“A feat as strange as it is unique: a space pizza.”

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How one of our launches works

Launch preparation
2 months
Probe and balloon preparation
3 hours
Launch, flight and recovery
8-10 hours

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